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Today everybody is talking about the fact that we live in one world; because of globalization, we are all part of the same planet. They talk that way, but do they mean it? We should remind them that the words of the Declaration [of Independence] apply not only to people in this country, but also to people all over the world. People everywhere have the same right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When the government becomes destructive of that, then it is [P]atriotic to [D]issent and to [C]riticize ― to do what we always praise and call heroic when we look upon the dissenters and critics in totalitarian countries who dare to speak out.

―Howard Zinn, Artists in Times of War (emphasis added)

Political Art

Image of I Serve 2 by Mark Frazzini

Unfortunately, those who Feast off This Broken System, will be Lax to Change It.

We all Know in our Hearts that
this Is Wrong
the american "way"
Isn't the way
Of Justice and Peace
Isn't the way
Of Love and Compassion
Isn't the way
Of Truth

but instead

Is the way of Lies and Fear
the way of Hatred, Violence and Destruction
the way of Untimely and Unnecessary Death


We Are a Perpetual War State hypnotized by our Immense capacity to Destroy and instill Fear in the Hearts and Minds of the Weak, Needy and Desperate masses
a Brutal, Insane and Undeservedly Arrogant policing of the world through Mass Violence and the ever-present Terror of more to come
are we!

As difficult a pill as this may be to swallow:
We Are The True Terrorist!!!

But this doesn't have to be a given!
this doesn't have to be at all!!!
WE CAN CHANGE!!!!! Hallelujah, we can Change!!! :D

With this Changing in mind…

The Only Way Forward Is without arms, without armies,
without this Insane wasting of energy, materials and time
on ever-increasingly building more sophisticated weapons of Mass Destruction.

The more we continue to build things to Threaten and Destroy Life,
the quicker we sow the seeds of our Ultimate Undoing

The Planet is Collapsing into an industrialized Monstrosity unfit for life
and america is leading the charge!
eyes wide, expressions wild, mouths foaming,
guns firing, bombs dropping,
Hearts Cold
toasting as our World Burns and Extinction Looms Large

Let us wrest control away from our militarized Life-Hating corporate overlords
and their Pathetically 2-dimensional political puppet show before it's too late!

their actions speak loudly of their character: they have No Love In Their Hearts
And so sadly, continually Steal from and Destroy
Those of us that do

Some protest signs I made for 350.org and The People's Climate March April 29th 2017...

Image of Divest The Hate Invest In Love by Mark Frazzini

Image of Divest The Hate Invest In Love Again by Mark Frazzini

Image of Planetary Love by Mark Frazzini

Image of Resist Coal Insist Solar by Mark Frazzini

Image of One People One Planet One Goal Justice by Mark Frazzini

Through Tearstained And Starving Eyes

If you look carefully at the sky at night
You might see a red shimmering light
That guides the way to a granite swamp
Where the Devil's hooves stomp click-itty-clomp
There, souls are sold and deals are made
And billions of lives are put to the blade
Extinctions accelerate us quick to our doom
As smoke chokes the air in our deregulated gloom
The waters turn black and the fields a rotten brown
Whether there's a democrat or republican in town
The coward's bank accounts full and bursting with lies
That they cackle and laugh should be of no surprise
At the health and happiness of the many they scoff
So long as a few rich white folks get to perpetually golf
Their yachts and their jets all polished with glee
By some poorly paid disheveled economic refugee
Their communities gated and armed to the teeth
Manufactured white smiles hide the rot beneath
Their appetites never full their needs never met
An Appetite for Destruction, on that you can bet!
The forests shall fall, the mountains will crumble
Fresh waters dry up and civility tumble
All so a few can gold-guild their lives
While the rest of us gaze through tearstained and starving eyes

The heartless have won when empathy dies
And compassion is buried with hate on the rise
Their days must be numbered if we're to survive
One Planet One People One Goal on this we will Thrive
It's unity of Life that shall set us all free
Together, not alone our One True Reality
The Lies that they peddle of hatred and fear
Must be faithfully confronted until it is clear
Their power is waning, our Love grows ever strong
Together, United stands this Invincible throng
No tyrant shall succeed with us holding tight
The power of community an invigorating sight
With hearts open wide and arms interlocked
The mighty shall fall their ideas all mocked
A new dawn is rising to light a kinder way
When the two sides united can faithfully say
I'll Love you no matter what games we play,
And with you I'll be until our dying day.

Some of the best things about the republican's border wall?

It will stop all these senseless mass shootings by unnecessarily heavily armed white american men. It will end systemic racism and the Delusion of white supremacy in america. It will stop the militarization of the police and the slaying of innocent citizens of any color both at home and abroad. It will end the military industrial complex, all companies building to destroy and profiting from war will be boarded up. It will end the american empire, stopping all wars, both overt and covert, bringing home all our troops and disbanding them. It will end the new jim crow private prison industry and stop criminalizing drugs and decent. It will stop the corporate fleecing of our natural resources. It will cause all american corporations to grow a heart, a conscience, and a sustainable morality so they stop poisoning us and our Planet in the name of short term profits and mindless Greed. It will end the need for corporations and the rich to hoard money in secret offshore accounts. It will end partisanship and unite our country. It will end all economic inequality and globally eliminate mass poverty. It will finally end all the paranoid need to constantly digitally record every move people make. And it will Inspire the world with it's inviting gesture and truly help us become that Shining City on the Hill we've so longed claimed to be!

Is there anything building this wall can't do for us?

Stop migration! :D :P

Some Fun political cartoons I drew digitally, inspired by the orange Menace and his Evil minions...

Image of A World Ravaged By Trumpence by Mark Frazzini

A World Ravaged

Image of Help Me by Mark Frazzini

Leading With Shamefulness

Image of Conway As A Drongo Bird by Mark Frazzini

Kelly-Anne Conway As Drongo Bird

You cannot justifiably say that donald trump is Wholly Lacking anything resembling a "positive" characteristic, simply because his Glaring Ignorance, Hypocrisy, Mismanagement, Make-Believe Personality and Look reveal such a Terrifyingly Hollow human being, collectively we might use him as the example par excellence of exactly whom we DO NOT WANT ourselves, nor our children, to ever become. #AnyoneButHim?

Image of Steve Ganon Bannon by Mark Frazzini

The Destroyer Cometh

Image of American Fascist by Mark Frazzini

American Fascist

Scene: President Trump grimacing in the Oval Office at the struggle of trying to cock a jammed custom made gold plated 9mm handgun with two bleeding stumps where his feet once were. A dead-eyed Kellyanne Conway false-smilingly lies, Look on the bright side Sir! I don’t think it’s possible for you to shoot yourself in the foot anymore!

Scene: Dead-eyed and bleached-white-teeth Smiling hot-air balloon versions of Obama, Hillary, Trump, Ryan, McConnell and Pelosi fly high in the air, above a distant bending firey horizon. In their hands and stuffed in their power-suit pockets and cabins are countless hundred dollar bills. So many, thousands are carelessly drifting downward swaying with the wind, without a caring glance from any in this Select group. Directly below them, dark storm clouds gather and Ominously begin to spin. Everywhere, bombs explode and bullets fly, fires spread and soot black clouds billow upward from the scorching hot bombed out Earth. As cities crumble into rubble and ash, the air fills with the Stench of Death and Decay. Above it all buzz a massive army of nuclear-weapon-equipt-drones proudly and boldly stamped MADE IN THE USA!.

Scene: Bill O’Rielly in a small featureless room deep underground, naked and alone, trapped in a Nightmare of his own creation, screaming into the silence.

Scene: A huge herd of ostriches, heads all firmly buried in the sand. Each one a developed countries name tatooed on it’s neck in the appropriate foreign tongue and script. The fattest up front, their necks most fully entrenched and stubbornly still crowd the American, British, Israeli and Saudia Arabian ostriches, as ominously black storm clouds gather all around them. Lightening flashes and thunder rumbles as the sky dumps down torrential rain quickly filling each ostrich hole to the brim and beyond, without one single head rising for air.

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