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My Rhyme

I've been dabbling with poetry for a long time now. Trying to rhyme my thoughts in meaningful ways can be a Frustration, but the occasional jem eventually shines through, turning the Challenge into the occasional Pleasure :D

Here are a few of my favorites...

Universal Eyes

We ride about on this mystery train
We see the sights going by
We do our best to relinquish the pain
Of living life as a lie
Most every stop we remain in our seats
Too petrified for outside
We sit and pine up some marvelous feats
To take the place of our lives

But rather than living with dream and regret
Why not take a little stroll outside
And put away all of these sensible bets
And let us take another ride

To a place where we all know what's right
And can see it through our mind
The state of being the radiant light
A state above and beyond time
The human organism acting as One
Feeling Peace from all sides
Brothers and Sisters embracing as One
No longer national pride

And then we will finally realize the joy
That lead us in to newer land
We'll laugh and sing as we see through the ploy
And find we have a better plan

And then we'll understand there's more to this life
Then sense of security
No longer needing a placating fight
To live Peacefully Free
We'll live Peacefully Free
Oh so Peacefully Free

And all we've had is all we'll have
If we never find another train
And realize that these lives we have
Are more than some economic gain

I'm trying hard not to rationalize
This living life in disguise
I'm trying hard just to trudge through the Lies
And look through Universal Eyes
We'll look through Universal Eyes
We'll look through Universal Eyes

Of This and That and That and This

Of this and that and that and this
We run about react we miss
We think aloud inside within
And bunker down to hide in skin
We close our eyes outside of us
Confuse bemuse refuse this fuss
It cannot be a part of me
These misconstrued realities

How could I be low be high
Be day be night be all in I
When all I see is split in two
Divided up a bit askew
But when I close my eyes my mind
And take myself right out of time
I become a better place
A calmer me with less disgrace

My wants my needs become no more
A simpler me a few less scores
To bring this me to everything
Of all I know to you I sing
I wish for all a simpler life
Of good and bad accepted strife
Unite inside within without
And find the need to scream and shout

Endless Unity

Some choose death and some choose life
The later of those meander in Light
Would you may or would you might
The former you stay forever in strife
To look within while looking out
An endless grin you'll scream you'll shout!
Together you'll see together you'll be
Together in you the same in me
Release receive believe relieve
The choice is yours I know you'll see
That you and I will always be
Forever and ever endless unity

What is Love?

What is love?
Is it the lump in my throat?
Is it a rock that can float?
Is it a smack in the face?
Or maybe a woman dressed in lace?
Is it a stomach pain?
Is it the falling rain?
Is it a sense that I lack?
Or possibly the itch I can't reach on my back?
Is it something you can teach?
And if I catch it, can it be sucked out by a leach?
Does it taste like sugar?
Or like that of a newly found bugger?
When it comes, does it ever leave?
Or does it stay like the stain on my sleeve?
Is it something to be questioned?
Is it something not to be mentioned?
Is it something I should forget?
Is it like the pain of a newly formed zit?
Is it a disease to be caught?
Or is it something to be sought?
Will any of these questions I've given,
Be answered before I stop livin'?
Or is it better that I go on not knowing?
So that my mind keeps going and going and going?
Curiosity may have killed the cat,
I'm not questioning that.
The answers I may never find,
But the questions will always be on my mind...

Image of I Am Atomic Twist 4 by Mark Frazzini

Through Tearstained And Starving Eyes

If you look carefully at the sky at night
You might see a red shimmering light
That guides the way to a granite swamp
Where the Devil's hooves stomp click-itty-clomp
There, souls are sold and deals are made
And billions of lives are put to the blade
Extinctions accelerate us quick to our doom
As smoke chokes the air in our deregulated gloom
The waters turn black and the fields a rotten brown
Whether there's a democrat or republican in town
The coward's bank accounts full and bursting with lies
That they cackle and laugh should be of no surprise
At the health and happiness of the many they scoff
So long as a few rich white folks get to perpetually golf
Their yachts and their jets all polished with glee
By some poorly paid disheveled economic refugee
Their communities gated and armed to the teeth
Manufactured white smiles hide the rot beneath
Their appetites never full their needs never met
An Appetite for Destruction, on that you can bet!
The forests shall fall, the mountains will crumble
Fresh waters dry up and civility tumble
All so a few can gold-guild their lives
While the rest of us gaze through tearstained and starving eyes

The heartless have won when empathy dies
And compassion is buried with hate on the rise
Their days must be numbered if we're to survive
One Planet One People One Goal on this we will Thrive
It's unity of Life that shall set us all free
Together, not alone our One True Reality
The Lies that they peddle of hatred and fear
Must be faithfully confronted until it is clear
Their power is waning, our Love grows ever strong
Together, United stands this Invincible throng
No tyrant shall succeed with us holding tight
The power of community an invigorating sight
With hearts open wide and arms interlocked
The mighty shall fall their ideas all mocked
A new dawn is rising to light a kinder way
When the two sides united can faithfully say
I'll Love you no matter what games we play,
And with you I'll be until our dying day.

Most everyone knows Louis Armstrong's Glorious Rendition of What A Wonderful World.
Every coin has two sides, so here's my alternate lyrical take set to the same Beautiful Melody:

What A Horrible World

I see trees of brown, leaves to the ground
I see men continually cutting them down
And I think to myself, what a horrible world

I see skies of black, form at our back
Glaringly showing us all that we lack
And think to myself, what a horrible world

The colors of the rainbow are so hated and alone
Casted judgment on the faces, needless hatred to the bone
I see friends shutting out, anything close to the Truth
They're really saying, I won't hear your proof!

I hear baby's cry, I watch them die
As the drones fly silently by
And I think to myself, oh oh, what a horrible world.
And I think to myself, mmm mmm,
What a Horrible world,
Oooh Yeaaah...

Not the happiest of messages, but my best attempt at an Honest one :)

I've always loved the music of Brian Setzer but his lyrics often left me wanting, so I rewrote one of my favorite tunes...

My Stray Cat Strut

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

Black and orange stray cat sittin' on a fence
I ain't got enough dough to pay the rent
I'm flat broke and it's making things hard
Sittin' here staring at the rich cats yard

Stray cat strut, on the thin blue line
A stomach so hungry it dreams up a crime
A bullet shot at me from a mean blue man
So I get my dinner from a garbage can


I don't bother chasing money around
So I'm hated by my peers and forced underground
Howlin' to the moon and the Misery I've found
Singin' the blues on a warm winter's night
Tired of hollow political fights
How could so many be carefree and wild
When the world is burning as the bodies are piled?

I don't bother chasing money around
So I'm hated by my peers and forced underground
Howlin' at the moon and the Misery we've found
Singin' the blues on a warm winter's night
Tired of hollow political fights
How could so many be carefree and wild
When the world it's burning as the bodies are piled?

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