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My Rant

So long as a small group of somebodies falls Madly in Love with the concept of money and the Power it represents, the rest of us, no matter our ideological heart or numbers, will both physically and emotionally Suffer as a systemic consequence of the Mad Lovers pursuit of more.

Image of I Serve 2 by Mark Frazzini


Slow down.

Quiet the mind.

Stop assuming.

Listen Again.

Open Yourself To It.

Open Yourself To Awareness, Capital A!

Feel The Push and Pull Of The Breathe.

Feel The Rhythmic Pumping Of The Heart.

Feel The Rumblings Of The Voice.

Know The Power Of The Word.

Hear The Meaning Of The Truth.

Become The Responsibility Of The One.

Our egos can deceive us. They can confuse us into living tiny little lives. They often tell us that we are disconnected, islands unto ourselves, but this is a LIE.

You may see yourself as an isolated sack of skin, tumbling blindly through a dumb universe, but that doesn't make it True.

The Truth is we are more Connected to THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE COSMOS AND BEYOND then we could ever imagine ourselves to otherwise be!

From the Vibrating Particles that create Our World to the DNA twisting in all Our Cells, from the Molecular Calories on which we Survive to Our Abilities to Think and Feel at all, We are United, We Are the Same, We Are One Universal Life-Force.

It is always up to us as individuals to make the collective choice to Care enough to become a Life in Pursuit of Knowledge and Justice for ALL. A Life Led In Harmony Even With Discord.

Not only are we standing on the shoulders of historical Giants, we have the ability to become the Giants for those yet To Come.

Let us reclaim Our Sanities, put down our arms, and come together as ONE PEOPLE, United to Protect Our Planetary Place!!!

This Earth is NOT FOR SALE. We cannot afford to continue to treat Our Planet like a commodity.

She Is A Goddess and Demands Our Respect!

Our faint blue Motherly Speck, spiraling through whipping stellar winds. Spinning, perfectly placed just so from Father Sun. Wobbling, Seasoning, Life-ing, Peopling, Singing to the Dance of Universe!

She Is Glorious, but She Is also FINITE! And without Her Life-ing Environs we simply DO NOT EXIST AT ALL!

Humanity has become a plague on this Earth. We have spread to every corner in pursuit of cash and comfort. Raping and pillaging as we see fit, with nary a care for any future costs. Calling dibs and building fences, killing species and destroying ecosystems, waging wars and losing our better Senses all in the name of money and Fear.

It doesn't have to be this way. There exist other Paths for Us to Choose.

Be the Change you wish to see in the World -Gandhi.

...Let's Hope We Can.

Image of I Am Infinite 1 by Mark Frazzini

Infinite Gratitude To All Things Past
Infinite Service To All Things Present
Infinite Responsibility To All Things Future

Perpare to Lose yourSelf the moment you choose any one particular Book to represent the Whole of Human Understanding, no matter who the Author claims to be! :D

Without a true Left in this country, we will remain Rightly Lost.

Why is it that when someone we consider to be on our side is accused of criminality we call for compassion and restraint, but when this same someone is imagined to be on the opposing side, it's lock 'em up or hang 'em high? #undeservedlycastingstones #lovethyenemy?

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