Parasitic Defense

By Mark T Frazzini

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It started simple enough, a small zit sprang up overnight on Steve's forehead. He decided to treat it like all the previous facial pests and promptly poped it by pinching it between two fingernails. The problem was his hands were absolutely filthy and a small parasite had found its way along the edge of his fingernail right at the moment he plunged it through the pustus explosion formally known as zit leaving it there to grow under his skin.

From there it only took three days:

Day One: A bb-pellet sized lump about two inches away from the now red and healing former zit. Steve was concerned but not too worried as he drifted off to sleep.

Day Two: Steve wakes up with five small freely moving appendages wiggling about on his forehead. He tries to pull one out, but the pain it causes brings him to his knees so he stops in tears. Frantic and hyperventilating, he races past startled observers to the Emergency Room. The doctors are amazed and immediately admit him for extended observation.

Day Three: Some type of ant-like creature is now seemingly fully formed on Steve's forehead. Upon realizing this Steve colapses into a month-long coma. The doctors happily quarrenteened Steve in an observation cell and while Steve is out-cold, the newly born creature sets about eating the majority of his body, before Steve wakes up and beats the beast back with his only remaining arm.

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