By Mark T Frazzini

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There are few stories that I like more than the Story of Evolution, because it connects every living thing on Planet Earth to One-Underlying-Universal-Life-Force and Reveals to Us that We Are All One, In, Of, and As This Universe.

We ride on the crest of evolutionary time, connected to Everything that has ever Been or will ever Be. We have a Direct Relationship to the Source of all Things, also known as The Big Bang. We are an Expression of more than 13.7 billion years of steady particular evolution, that was kick started by an Explosion so large it created the Entire Universe as we know it today!

According to the star light shining all around us, our Milky Way Galaxy formed soon after, around 13.2 billion years ago, and according to geological studies, we know that Our Earth is around 4.5 billion years old and that life was kick started here as early as 3.8 billion years ago.

Egypt is one of the earliest cultures in the archeological records and only dates back to around 6000 years ago, the 'discovery' of the Americas by Europeans took place a little more than 500 years ago, Las Vegas became a kid-friendly 'family' resort town only 20 years ago, Americans finally broke with tradition and voted a black man President less than 4 years ago, and Japan became overly-radioactive but a few months ago.

And Here We Are, the ever-changing Now moment pushing us along at the Forefront of All-Time, completely connected to the Entire History of Our Cosmos, and for a geological instant, we get the unlikeliest of Gifts: to See It, Be It, Feel It, and Live It.

Let's not waste It!

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